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Pests are a natural part of life. As our population continues to grow, rodents, insects and other undesirable bugs are becoming increasingly common. That’s why we have seen such a spike in extermination jobs. At PoweredByPros, customers throughout America contact us looking for extermination professionals in their area. From small homes to large commercial stores and malls—we have the job that’s right for you. On a daily basis, we receive requests from serious customers looking for professionals to help with jobs similar to those found in the list to the right.

Exterminators – Healthy & Clean Homes! When you become a part of the PoweredByPros network, you will gain an advantage over your competitors in the area. If you prefer to handle residential jobs, our team can connect you to homeowners who need help on the usual pest control. Homeowners look to hire trustworthy exterminators to create a cleaner and healthier living environment. Also, we have many projects for commercial and industrial exterminator contractors. These jobs can turn into long-term relationships, usually requesting repeated services at various locations. No matter the size of your exterminator business, anyone can benefit from the exclusive projects found only on PoweredByPros.

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How It Works

Everyday property owners come to PoweredByPros looking for service professionals in their area to help them with their projects. We have helped thousands of contactors get connected with quality projects, matching their services offered. No matter if you are a small business or a well-established company, we can help you take your business to the next level, because we have jobs of all types and sizes. PoweredByPros also provides you with the advantage of being a leading, nationwide marketplace for 10+ years in the home services industry.


  • BENEFIT #1 100% VERIFIED Exterminators Leads

    The project details you see on your portal are 100% phone verified Pest Control Leads. Every time a new exterminator-related project is submitted to our system, our support team takes the time to call back the customer to ensure their legitimacy. When you log in, you can be certain that if you choose to purchase a project, you will obtain the contact information for a real person who is eager to use your skilled services. This is what has made contractors keep coming back to us—they never have to worry about buying a bogus project again.

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    Pest Control Leads

    PoweredByPros is free to sign up and there is no cost to preview active jobs and detailed project descriptions in your selected area. We don’t want to burden you with upfront expenses, monthly bills, or percentage cuts. Use our system as much or as little as you like. You decide when you want to purchase, and you only. PoweredByPros is strictly a pay-as-you-go system. Our innovative platform maximizes time, all while keeping expenses low and under your control.


    There is no risk in browsing our platform for active jobs in your area or to be notified (via text or email) when new jobs become available. See a project you like? Buy it and you will obtain an address, phone number, and all other necessary details needed to have the best chance at closing the job. The only time you ever pay is when you would like to unlock a potential customer’s contact information.Purchase the job descriptions you like and scroll over the ones you don’t, it’s really that easy!

  • Exterminators Leads
    Pest Control Leads

    We believe that human interaction is important. That’s why when you need to talk to a real person, we will be here to help. When you become a part of the PoweredByPros network, you will be assigned a personal account manager, who will be able to answer any question, at no cost. The highly experienced and qualified representatives of our service-pro-support-team are available to speak with you and can help you set up an account, give you project advice, and answer any other questions you may have. Just give us a call at (855) 685-0777.


    We want you to learn how to navigate our system and see for yourself what makes our platform the best way to find new clients in your local area. That’s why when you sign up with us today, we will gift you your first project for free! This project will be matched to the type of work you handle, so you will be confident you can help your new customer accomplish their home improvement goals.

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We have been a leading nationwide digital home services marketplace for over 10 years. Our goal is to connect our contractors, like yourself, with project-ready homeowners, helping you grow your business. We succeed when you do, because our homeowner customers expect to be matched with service professionals they can trust who provide them with the best home improvement experience. We know running around and finding new customers can be very time consuming and stressful, so instead of doing the advertising yourself, let us supply you with a new source of clientele that can only be exclusively found on the PoweredByPros network.

WHAT MAKES POWEREDBYPROS THE #1 PAY AS YOU GO PLATFORM ? We pride ourselves on the quality projects we provide the contractors in our network. We take the time to verify each project’s legitimacy and details. Every Pest Control Leads or Exterminators Leads are 100% phone verified by our customer support team before we share it. This way you can be confident that each project you purchase is a real, project-ready customer. There are no start-up costs involved, never any contracts, and no monthly or annual fees. PoweredByPros introduced a pay as you go system so you can purchase what you want, when you want.



    From small towns to big cities, property owners from across the country can select from over 300 construction, improvement, and repair related services. Whether they want to hire a qualified contractor for a remodeling project, brighten up their home with a cleaning service or simply require a reliable handyman, we do it all. This means that no matter what type of work your company handles, we will have jobs you can be confident in completing. Whether you are a small business searching for new clients or a large, well-established company looking to supplement your existing customer base—we promise to find you serious job requests and improve your project success rate.


If you still have some questions about PoweredByPros, check out these commonly asked questions below or head on over to our full FAQ page for more details.

Everyday, property owners call in asking for our help. We have active projects throughout the entire continental United States. From major metropolitan areas to small rural towns, we will help you grow your business and find you new customers.

Homeowners looking to get started, have the option of choosing from 300 home improvement related services. Whether they want to hire an experienced contractor for a remodeling project, brighten up their home with a cleaning service, or simply require a reliable handyman to patch up drywall, we offer our contractors a wide range of job options to choose from.

The price varies. We know that paying too much for a potential project drives away contractors. That’s why we strive to keep the cost to a minimum. The price is calculated based on the type and size of a job. For example, a small handyman job can be as low as $20. While major renovation projects can extend up to $120.

Easy and simple: If you see a preview of a job description you like, you can purchase complete information via credit card or PayPal. You can also add funds to your balance for faster purchase of projects. We are America’s #1 pay as you go system for contractors and the only one that allows you to preview project info before purchasing — so you can purchase what you want, when you want.

After having purchased a project and reviewed all of the unlocked information, give your new potential customer a call or send an email saying you are the requested service professional that can help with their home improvement or repair project.

No problem! If you would like to take on more work or change the locations in which you service, just go to the settings icon in your dashboard. You can then customize and update a variety of information: email address, phone number, work type, service radius, etc.

Yes. While we hope that every project purchased turns out to be a success, we understand why a contractor can become frustrated. That is why you will always have the option to request a refund. Each request is thoroughly reviewed by our refund department, and you can expect a response back within 3 to 5 business days. If your request is approved, we will credit back your account immediately.

We guarantee to refund your money under two circumstances: (1) The posted project preview is drastically different from what the job actually entails or (2) the contact information is incorrect (i.e. wrong address or phone number). All other reasons will be carefully reviewed by our refund department.