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Water Damage Leads & Mold Removal Leads

100% Phone Verified Leads for Water Damage Companies & Restoration Companies. We know you’ve problably got some questions about how this thing works. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call. 1.888.308.6691

Water damage, mold, fire and smoke damage and not forgetting flood water extraction are some of the problems people encounter who contact us that are looking for contractors to fix it. Why wait for business to come to you when we already have it right here on our job board. Sign up for free with us and browse to see if any jobs interest you, it’s all filtered by the area you select so you know its local and it will have a date and time so you know how long the lead has been there.

There is no commitment, no contracts, it’s a simple task of seeing what jobs suit you and buying the lead via PayPal and closing the job. No more expensive pay per click campaigns or having to deal with expensive SEO companies just simply use our service to boost sales when you are going through a slow patch.

We will notify you via email if you wish so you can buy that lead as soon as it comes in to us and is verified. If you are quick enough to buy it straight away you will be calling the customer back as soon as we put the phone down with them.

So try it out and see what you think, our leads are 100% verified and are of great quality.

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