How To: Register

How To: Adjust Settings

How To: Add Funds

How To: Buy Leads

How To Buy Leads

Step 1: Sign into your Powered By Pros acct by clicking on the "Sign In" button at the top of the page

Step 2: Move your mouse over the "Leads By Category" option in your navigation panel and select the category of lead you wish to purchase

Step 3: Open the lead information by clicking on the lead you want.

Step 4: Select the payment method you prefer and follow the payment instructions
** You may only use "Balance" as a payment method if you have enough funds in your account. To see how to add funds click here.
** If a lead has been purchased the maximum times it may not be purchased again. You can see how many times a lead has been purchased under "Total Puchased" section in the lead information window.